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I know it isn’t a conception. But these three get clumped together and those who hold one or the other always drag the other down if possible, this isn’t my intention here.

I think the stark difference between amc/GME and CLOV is that when AMC bounce from $2ish-$75 in 4-6 months. It ended up staying in the $30s-$40s after the fact. GME after it’s run from $5-$440 it then settled at $150-$200. CLOV had its run from $6.5-$28 and then pulled right back to $8 where it sits today.

If we work off the fact that these three companies are significantly manipulated (I don’t think anyone could disagree with that). Then the one that’s being dumped the hardest is kinda obvious. What does that mean for people wanting to buy in to something lower risk v high reward? It means the writing is on the wall.

FTD for Clov we’re at their peak last month TRIPLE AMC or GME at their highest (relative to MC). When this occurred for amc 3 months later we saw it go $2-$11.5 to $70s GME 3 months after their peak FTD it went from $5-400s

CLOV right now has pulled right back to pre squeeze. It’s setting up for a monumental movement in my opinion and I believe it will be the first obvious example of the hedge funds getting very rich on the way up (meaning I think it will go harder than potentially anything we have witnessed to date)

I am a smooth brain and this isn’t financial advice, I just wanted to say something because I think WSB has a way of people not seeing the forest from the trees at times.


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