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Trae Young’s father says Knicks fans made a dangerous enemy: ‘They’re going to have to see him for the next 10 or 15 years’

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New York Daily News

NEW YORK — When Trae Young had cemented his status as Knicks fan villain No. 1, the point guard’s father, Rayford, was sitting at Madison Square Garden absorbing the F-bombs. Rayford had never before heard a crowd unanimously target a player with such profanity, and the chants were in the presence of Rayford’s youngest son, who is also Trae’s 11-year-old brother and was seated next to his father. Still, Rayford wasn’t upset — just fired up — and remained confident Trae would respond positively to the vitriol. He watched his son rise to elite with a chip firmly attached to his shoulder, always …

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