Baltimore City Mayor Sues Polymer80 For “Public Health Crisis,” Ignores Decades Of Failed Liberal Policies 

Baltimore City Mayor Sues Polymer80 For “Public Health Crisis,” Ignores Decades Of Failed Liberal Policies 

Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott announced a lawsuit against the nation’s largest ghost gun manufacturer, Polymer80, alleging the company sparked a “public health crisis.”

“Ghost guns are a devastating menace to the people of Baltimore. 

“This lawsuit shines a light on Polymer80 and individuals who routinely create a marketplace for deadly, untraceable weapons. The availability of these weapons – particularly to criminals, juveniles and other people who are prohibited from owning a firearm – presents a growing public health crisis. We must stop Polymer80 and companies like it that profit from destroying our communities,” Scott said in a City Hall press release. 

The lawsuit outlines how Polymer80 undermines federal and state firearms laws, selling ghost gun kits to people who don’t need a background check. 

“Directly or indirectly through its network of dealers, Polymer80 has flooded Baltimore with these untraceable, unserialized firearms,” the City Hall press release said. 

“Polymer80 must be held accountable for its role in creating the ghost gun crisis in Baltimore,” said Steve Kelly, Partner and Co-Chair of Sanford Heisler Sharp’s Criminal/Sexual Violence Practice Group.

“This lawsuit is the first step in accountability and, hopefully, ending the flow of these deadly firearms in the community,” added Brady Senior Litigation Counsel Philip Bangle.

The suit alleges negligence and public disturbance claims and violation of the Maryland Consumer Protection Act. The mayor seeks compensation from the company for policing costs. 

However, Mayor Scott appears to be scapegoating five decades of failed Democratic control of the collapsing city on a company founded in 2013. All of a sudden, Baltimore didn’t become a dangerous warzone; it’s been a raging hellhole for decades and in a state of terminal decline for half a century ever since the “white flight” in the 1960s and ’70s and the deindustrialization that followed.

A failed liberal experiment over half a century destroyed Baltimore; not a company founded less than a decade ago. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 06/03/2022 – 22:00

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