Colorado Gay Club Shooter Identifies As “Non-Binary” With They/Them Pronouns

Colorado Gay Club Shooter Identifies As “Non-Binary” With They/Them Pronouns

It has been a two day media blitz after Anderson Aldrich allegedly walked into Club Q in Colorado Springs and opened fire, killing five and injuring 19 others.  Without any detailed information, leftist journalists and activists immediately accused “MAGA” Republicans of inspiring the killings and cited pro-gun advocates and people opposed to drag queen performances for children as the culprits.  

Club Q had been scheduled to host an “All Ages” Drag Brunch on Sunday, leading some to suggest that the suspect was seeking to disrupt the event.  

As it turns out, however, Aldrich is a part of the LGBT community and identifies as “Non-Binary” according to court documents filed by his lawyers. 

The court has been asked to use Aldrich’s preferred pronouns, They/Them. 

The media is now scrambling to adjust their narratives, completely blindsided by the development and made to look utterly foolish.  Some pundits are arguing that the suspect’s gender identity is “fake” and that he is attempting to avoid hate crime charges.  This makes little sense – If convicted of five murders, Aldrich would spend the rest of his life in prison regardless of the murders being labeled a hate crime.  Faking a gender identity does nothing to help him.

It is also rather hypocritical that the political left has spent the past few years trying to convince the public that trans-identities are as factual as biology and that questioning such identities is bigotry, yet now that they are faced with a self-identified trans person being charged with mass murder they are jumping at the chance to dismiss his subjective gender.  

This is a case that probably would have become a non-stop media circus for the next several months had the shooter been an actual conservative against the trans agenda.  With gender ideology and conservative principles being mutually exclusive, it is all but impossible for corporate journalists to place the blame on the right-wing.  Now, the event will be buried much like the Waukesha Massacre perpetrated by BLM supporter Darrell Brooks.  If a tragedy cannot be exploited for political gain, leftists quickly lose interest.     

Tyler Durden
Wed, 11/23/2022 – 08:10

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