Comedian Refuses Woke Streamer's Demand To Censor Abortion Jokes; Buys Own Special Back For $1 Million

Comedian Refuses Woke Streamer’s Demand To Censor Abortion Jokes; Buys Own Special Back For $1 Million

Comic Andrew Schulz has used his life savings to buy his upcoming comedy special, “Infamous,” back from a previously-unnamed streaming service, which “freaked out” and wanted him to edit or cut entire jokes deemed too “wild.”

A well-placed industry insider tells ZeroHedge that while Schulz has worked with Netflix in the past, Amazon is the streaming service in question, and Schulz spent $1 million to buy it back for self-release at his website,

“Some of you probably know this about me, I’m a very stubborn guy, so long story short, I took my f—ing life savings and I bought my special back,” he told his followers on social media, asking them to “spread the word” so that his “gamble” pays off.

I think people like real authentic comedy, and I think that they would prefer that than some watered down corporate boardroom bullshit,” he added, according to The Wrap, noting that his fans “seem to really enjoy these jokes that are ‘too offensive’ or could cause too much backlash.”

Let’s watch what Amazon deemed too “wild,” shall we?

Schulz previously released a four-part Netflix special in 2020 titled “Schulz Saves America.”

Update: ZH reader “Lord Baltimore” sums it up nicely: “It’s perfectly acceptable for Progressives to sponsor drag events for children but abortion jokes are too “wild”. Got it.”

Tyler Durden
Fri, 07/08/2022 – 18:00

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