Corporate Media Insists Eating Insects Is “Really Delicious” 

Corporate Media Insists Eating Insects Is “Really Delicious” 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has, for years, promoted the idea that “healthy diets” and “sustainable” foods, such as insects, should be introduced into the global food system to save the planet.  

These self-proclaimed designers of the future are calling for a reset of the food system to lessen the environmental impact of current food production and solve world hunger. They’re trying to convince people to eat bugs.

The latest sign insect farming is about to takeoff is a South African chemical engineer by the name of Wendy Vesela found ways to transform spiky green and black caterpillars into flour that can be used in biscuits, sweet chocolate protein bars, cereals or smoothies, according to AFP News

Vesela insisted that edible bugs and worms are “a healthier protein option.”

She said people are hesitant to eat insects but ground up and packaged into a protein bar or other foods — people find it “really delicious.” 

Worm Pizza 

Worm Chocolate 

AFP spoke with dietitian, Mpho Tshukudu, who said eating insects is a better source of protein. 

“It’s high in protein, in essential fats and minerals, especially iron. It has more iron than the most expensive piece of steak,” Tshukudu said.

Vesela said she plans to expand her business as the demand for edible insects is expected to increase amid inflation making meat unaffordable for many. 

With record-high prices and looming food shortages, the Rockefeller Foundation recently warned that a “massive, immediate food crisis” is on the horizon.

One commenter on AFP’s article stated: “This is a concerted effort to get people to eat bugs rather than animal protein.” 

We agree with the commenter and also must add: 

Tyler Durden
Wed, 07/06/2022 – 19:45

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