Here Is What Warren Buffett Bought And Sold In Q2

Here Is What Warren Buffett Bought And Sold In Q2

Ahead of this quarter’s 13F filing from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, we already knew it was going to be far less exciting than the last one we got. As the company recently reported, Berskhire racked up $3.8 billion in net stock purchases in the second quarter, far short of the $41 billion it bought up in the first quarter of this year (it also spent far less on stock buybacks during Q2).

Additionally, some of the positions that aren’t being disclosed today include the company’s stake in Occidental Petroleum, even though we already are aware of these thanks to recent filings. Still, as Bloomberg notes, investors are always keen to see what the Oracle of Omaha is thinking, and this will provide a little more insight into the situation.

With that in mind, here is what Berkshire did in Q2 (we warned you, it would be a dud):

  • Exited Verizon Communications and Royalty Pharma
  • Added to holdings in top position Apple (a very modest 0.4%), Chevron (1.4%), Occidental Petroleum (16.3%) Activision Blizzard (a merger arb which increased by 6.4% to $5.3BN in Q2) Paramount Global (13.75%) Ally Financial (234.5%) as well as Celanese, McKesson and Markel.
  • Decreased its stakes in U.S. Bancorp (-5.2%), General Motors (-14.8%) Kroger (-9.6%) and Store Capital (-53%)

Apple remains Berkshire’s largest holding, representing 41% of total disclosed assets. And speaking of total assets, the fund disclosed just over $300BN in long, US positions as of June 30, a notable decline from the $363BN as of March 31.

Overall, a very boring quarter for the world’s biggest non-central bank portfolio.

Full details of all Berkshire Q2 moves can be found in the table below.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 08/15/2022 – 18:10

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