Keith Olbermann Calls For The Supreme Court To Be Dissolved

Keith Olbermann Calls For The Supreme Court To Be Dissolved

With all the wailing and gnashing of teeth going on over the Supreme Court’s decision to end Roe vs. Wade and pass the lawmaking onus on to the states, the court’s decision to overturn New York’s ban on conceal carry and other gun rights might get buried in the chaos.  Extreme leftist and corporate “journalist” Keith Olbermann certainly had a lot to say about it, though.

Incensed by the idea that a government body might actually rule against common leftist policy, the calls for violence and even (*gasp) insurrection have been rising.  Specifically, the left believes that intimidation or outright dissolution of the Supreme Court is justifiable.  

Olbermann argues for exactly that, while also presenting a bizarre assertion that states should ignore the decision and violate our 2nd Amendment rights anyway because they are “just a court” and “can’t enforce the ruling.”  One could apply the same logic and say that the states should have ignored Roe vs. Wade and made abortion illegal this entire time because the Supreme Court “can’t enforce the ruling.”

One factor that Olbermann also seems to overlook is the reality that the people of a particular state could also ignore the state government’s attempts to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.  How is New York going to compel the citizenry to give up their gun rights if millions of them take up arms and refuse to submit?  Two can play that game, and this dynamic never crosses Olbermann’s mind.

The left appears to be intent to abandon any semblance of diplomacy or checks and balances to get what they want, but they may be greatly overestimating their chances should political disagreement turn into physical conflict.   

Tyler Durden
Sat, 06/25/2022 – 19:00

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