Left-Wing German Minister Wants To Confiscate Guns Owned By Members Of Right-Wing AfD

Left-Wing German Minister Wants To Confiscate Guns Owned By Members Of Right-Wing AfD

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A left-wing interior minister in Germany has launched a plan to confiscate all firearms owned by members of the right-wing political party AfD.

Interior minister of the German state of Thuringia, Georg Maier, wants to withdraw gun licenses from Alternative for Germany members, a political party that holds 81 seats in the German parliament and 9 seats in the European parliament.

“Maier, who belongs to the Social Democrat Party (SPD), has tasked his employees with establishing a working group on “Weapons and Extremists” to move forward on the issue,” reports Remix News.

“They plan to create the “AG WaffEx,” which would be located at the state administration office and help local authorities “in the processing of relevant cases.”

The move would ostensibly target “right-wing extremists,” but that list includes AfD members, over 30,000 Germans, who would have “appropriate revocation procedures” initiated against them under the plan.

AfD members who are hunters or marksmen and legally own guns would have them confiscated by the state, with Maier citing the reason that the AfD in Thuringia is “proven to be right-wing extremist.”

AfD members are already subject to draconian surveillance measures after Germany’s top court designated them a “potential” threat to democracy.

Their political leaders are also constantly the target of violent attacks and assassination attempts by members of Antifa.

“Ironically, the government’s own data shows that AfD members and politicians are the most attacked party in the country,” writes John Cody.

“Yet, there has never been a case of any member protecting themselves with a firearm, despite a number of serious assaults.”

AfD state spokesman Stefan Möller reacted to the gun confiscation plan by accusing Maier of abusing gun laws “as a substitute criminal law against law-abiding hunters and marksmen in the AfD.”

As we highlighted earlier this year, German Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser said children in kindergarten should be taught about the dangers of right-wing extremism, but she didn’t mention left-wing extremism or radical Islam.

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Tyler Durden
Sat, 07/09/2022 – 07:00

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