Macron Declares “We Don't Want A World War” After Pledging Anti-Air Missiles To Ukraine

Macron Declares “We Don’t Want A World War” After Pledging Anti-Air Missiles To Ukraine

“In the event of more attempts to stage terrorist attacks on our territory, Russia’s response will be harsh and commensurate with the threats posed to the Russian Federation,” Russian President Vladimir Putin warned at the start of this week. “Nobody should have any doubts about that.”

France’s Emmanuel Macron has responded in a statement which he also posted to Twitter on Thursday, “We don’t want a world war.” He then followed with: “We help Ukraine to resist on its soil, never to attack Russia. Vladimir Putin must end this war and respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

But Macron’s apparent attempt to reassure Putin over his red line, namely that Ukraine and its backers are not going to “attack Russia” are unlikely to be taken seriously in the Kremlin, given the West doesn’t see Crimea as part of Russia, and it is the Kerch Strait Bridge bombing at issue in the tit-for-tat rhetoric and threats.

Macron’s “we don’t want a world war” statement also comes immediately after he announced that France will be delivering radar and anti-air defense missile systems to Ukraine in the coming weeks, following the unprecedented in size Russian airstrikes on many Ukrainian cities.

Describing Wednesday that the war had entered “an unprecedented stage” – he promised more advanced air defense systems to “protect the country from drone and missile attacks.” This is after France has already supplied Mistral shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles. 

Macron explained, according to France24

“This is a new phase of bombing coming from land, sea, air and drones against essential infrastructure and civilians,” Macron said, adding that radar and anti-air missiles would be delivered in the coming weeks to “protect the country from drone and missile attacks.”

…A source aware of the matter said Paris would provide Crotale short-range anti-air missiles, which are used to intercept low-flying missiles and aircraft.

An ongoing meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels has said the military alliance is ready to beef up Europe’s air defenses while committing to more defense aid to Kiev “for as long as it takes”. Moscow has meanwhile repeated its warnings that the deepening involvement of NATO countries makes them a “direct party to the conflict”

Additionally on Wednesday the United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to condemn Russia’s “attempted illegal annexation” of the four territories in the east and south, which are still not 100% captured by Russian forces. 

On Thursday, Russia continued its major bombardment of dozens of Ukrainian cities and towns, continuing to take out energy and other infrastructure as stated by Putin earlier in the week. The uptick in raids is being widely viewed as a response to the Kerch Strait Bridge bombing, and as payback for the largely successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in the east.

The Defense Ministry of Ukraine issued an unusual video response to Macron’s offer of anti-air defense systems…

* * *

Meanwhile, another prominent European leader has taken a different approach, criticizing the United States for unnecessary escalation with Russia

Tyler Durden
Thu, 10/13/2022 – 12:05

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