Pilot Writes “Make Beer Not War” Over Skies Of Poland 

Pilot Writes “Make Beer Not War” Over Skies Of Poland 

“Make Beer Not War,” read the plane’s flight path over the skies of Poland, a country that shares a 332-mile border with Ukraine. 

According to FlightRadar, a creative pilot operating a Tecnam P2008JC (single-engine aircraft) spent nearly four hours in the skies above Poland writing a protest message against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The pilot switched on the emergency beacon, sending a notification to FlightRadar users, where flight observers worldwide were able to watch the pilot Saturday write “Make Beer Not War.” 

Last month, a FlightRadar user spotted another pilot in the central European country that wrote “FckPutin.”

Over the years, pilots around the world were obsessed with drawing sky penises (see: here & here), though now, some write ant-war messages. 

Tyler Durden
Mon, 05/16/2022 – 23:05

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