Pot, Meet Kettle: Putin Has An 'Almost Messianic Belief In Himself', Says Hillary Clinton

Pot, Meet Kettle: Putin Has An ‘Almost Messianic Belief In Himself’, Says Hillary Clinton

In as good an example as we’ve ever seen of the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told an international audience in the UK that Russian President Vladimir Putin has as an “almost messianic belief in himself”.

He’s bent on “restoring imperial Russia,” she said. Clinton issued the criticism at the Hay festival, a literature and arts event hosted annually in Wales. But despite denouncing Putin as having a “messianic” complex, she didn’t miss yet another opportunity to blame everyone but herself for losing to Donald Trump in 2016. It’s a theme that’s been on repeat for years, and again on Friday she told the audience

“Putin does not like critics, especially women critics. Putin then became very adversarial toward me with few exceptions. As we know, despite efforts to say to the contrary, he worked very hard to get Trump elected through all kinds of means.”

During better days of their “positive” interaction. AFP via Getty Images

Her sour grapes narrative has now evolved to not only having lost because of those pesky election interfering Russians, but because Putin doesn’t like women, apparently.

And yet, she pivoted to recalling a prior “positive” working relationship with the Russian leader, according to The Guardian

Clinton recalled that she “had some positive developments” working closely with Putin between 2009 and 2013 when he was prime minister of Russia, but the relationship soured when she criticized the “blatantly crooked” elections which returned him to the presidency in 2012.

But after these positive years of “working closely” – Putin supposedly turned to not liking women critics, after which he “became very adversarial” to Clinton – which is what led to her lost presidential bid, in her telling of it.

Her comments included a brief assessment of the Ukraine conflict, suggesting that Russia had been thwarted in its broader war aims

Clinton said in a clip Hay Festival posted on its Facebook page that one of the issues with regimes like Putin’s is leaders are often told what they want to hear instead of the reality of a situation, leading to Putin’s faulty expectations for the war. 

“Putin was told that he could get to Kyiv in three days and install a puppet government, and he could basically control Ukraine,” she said. “That’s what he was told, and it turned out to be, thankfully, wrong.”

She further said she wants to see an international war crimes tribunal convict Putin and top Russian officials for crimes against humanity, but admitted that it’s “always difficult to go after a head of state.”

“When he invaded Ukraine I was sadly not surprised. I was very pleasantly surprised at how effective the government of [Volodymyr] Zelenskiy and Ukraine defended themselves,” she added.

* * *

And not missing an opportunity as a member of the global elite to virtue signal her cringeworthy activism, she posted this on Friday:

To which she got the appropriate response…

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Fri, 06/03/2022 – 21:20

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