Russian Strategist Tells TV Pundit Ukraine War Is “Rehearsal” For NATO Conflict  

Russian Strategist Tells TV Pundit Ukraine War Is “Rehearsal” For NATO Conflict  

“For us [Russia], the war in Ukraine … is a rehearsal for a possibly larger conflict in the future,” a top Russian political scientist warned on the Russian-state TV talk show “60 Minutes.” 

Alexei Fenenko, a research fellow at the Institute of International Security Studies, told Olga Skabeyeva, the show’s host, that the invasion of Ukraine was a testing ground of military tactics and equipment for a much broader conflict, one that could potentially involve NATO.

“And that is why we’ll test and go up against NATO weapons, and will see on the battlefield how much stronger our weapons really are compared to theirs … maybe it will be a learning experience for a future conflict,” Fenenko said. 

The host of the show, Skabeyeva, interrupted Fenenko, conveying how this is “a terrifying experiment.” 

The video clip of Fenenko expressing his views of a possibly much larger conflict was first shared in the US by The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis on Thursday. 

Fenenko’s comments come after Margarita Simonyan, journalist and editor-in-chief of RT, discussed the possibility of conflict outside of Ukraine and said a nuclear war would be okay because “we’re all going to die someday.”

Simonyan added: War with “Europe and the world” was “inevitable.” 

One of Russia’s most high-tech weapons it has tested in Ukraine is hypersonic missiles. 

The threat of a broader conflict spilling over from Ukraine has likely pushed Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership last week.

Tyler Durden
Mon, 05/23/2022 – 05:45

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