Taliban Conducts 1st Public Whipping In Soccer Stadium Since 1990s

Taliban Conducts 1st Public Whipping In Soccer Stadium Since 1990s

The Taliban this week conducted its first public flogging in a soccer stadium since the 1990s. It happened in Afghanistan’s east, after the Taliban Supreme Court sentence 11 men and three women “for different sins, including adultery, robbery and other forms of corruption” – including gay sex.

The group of 14 were whipped in front of a crowd on Wednesday in Logar province. A Taliban statement proudly boasted that in attendance at the stadium to witness the punishment was a crowd of “scholars, authorities, and people.” 

Afghan stadium, via The Telegraph

The disturbing spectacle, which the Taliban was known for during its pre-9/11 rule over Afghanistan, came simultaneous to announcements of “implementing Sharia Law” more fully across the country.

The Taliban was also notorious for public executions, including stonings of women accused of adultery, during their 1990s rule. Women and convicts were sometimes shot at point-blank range in front of crowds.

Since the US withdrawal from the country in 2021 as the Taliban rolled into Kabul, there have been widespread reports of the brutal Islamist government bringing back punishments like amputation for breaking “major sins” of Islam.

Bringing back the football stadium public punishments strongly suggests such violent and extreme judicial measures are about to become commonplace once again for “moral crimes”. 

The US special envoy for women, girls and human rights in Afghanistan, Rina Amiri, condemned the development. “This is both appalling and a dangerous sign that the Taliban are becoming more defiant in showing the world that they are embracing the policies of the past,” she said in a statement posted on Twitter.

The US had occupied the country for over 20 years, in its longest ever foreign war, and spent trillions of dollars there – all to see the propped-up Afghan national government and army collapse overnight. 

Tyler Durden
Fri, 11/25/2022 – 13:50

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