10 Commandments of Options Trading

  1. Thou shall always take 100% daily gains or 200% all time gains.
  2. Do not fall into temptation and buy during the first 30 minutes of market open. (Selling positions is still permitted)
  3. Thou shall not buy calls on green days.
  4. Thou shall not buy puts on red days.
  5. Avoid greed and do not buy consecutive options on 1 company.
  6. Give thyself at least 3 weeks time to play the option.
  7. End your suffering and sell if down 50% all time on an option play.
  8. Avoid gluttony and do not day trade options. (Swing trades allowed)
  9. Be fruitful, multiply earnings and sell covered calls if holding any.
  10. Celebrate and binge drink after big gains (or losses)

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