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90s Rapper Reboots 'Back That Azz Up' For Sex-Themed Vaccine Anthem

90s Rapper Reboots ‘Back That Azz Up’ For Sex-Themed Vaccine Anthem

90s rapper Juvenile has brought his 1999 hit “Back That Azz Up” back from the dead – this time with a vaccine-themed parody encouraging fans to get the jab.

The gist of the new song, Vax That Thang Up, is that if you get vaccinated you’re sure to get laid.

While we can’t offer a full translation (we tried), the song makes clear that those with pent-up sexual frustrations will be able to go buck wild on internet dating apps once they’ve received the vaccine.

“I know you can’t stand it. No holdin’ hands chick. But when we get the shot, we gon’ be romantic. Girl, you can be the queen, at the quarantine. We could meet up at the spot and we could do the thing.

“I love it when you hold me, eggplant emoji, you could be the young hot thang I’ll be the old G.” -Mannie Fresh

There’s a lot going on in this video…

Woman gyrates on a chain link fence in anticipation of post-vaccine coitus

Looking for an acceptably vaccinated gentleman with whom to copulate

In the third verse, Mia X tells the ladies “If you wanna smash some dude named Scott, go go – go get the shot.”

Watch the video below:

With just under 2 million views in three days, people seem to be sharply divided (notwithstanding any YouTube ‘adjustments’ which may have been made).

Hopefully all the post-jab sex won’t kick off any cardiac incidents among those most at risk from heart disease.

And of course, the original:

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Fri, 07/09/2021 – 20:00

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