A forecasted potential earnings Breakdown for AMC, BB, & ASO 😎 from one dork to a bunch of retards

First things first, I hope you all understand that math is scientific, and these numbers will be pretty accurate but with all things finance sometimes assumptions must be made. The assumption being made here is that the stock market will react to AMC, BB, and ASO short squeezes EXACTLY as it did to GME. A true apples to apples comparison of what has happened to GME being applied to our other favorites.

Up first is teaching you how to calculate earning in the form of a percentage. The formula goes like this. (Current Value – initial Cost)÷initial cost x 100= percentage return.

GmE started at roughly 18$ before it gained squeeze worthy traction and eventually topped out at $483. I chose 18$ as the starting point t because earning up until that point were smooth and slowly trending upwards on a 1 year chart. GmE has 70 Million Shares outstanding. It's 18 to 483 dollars increase gives it a return of 2,583% roughly.

Applying this to AMC goes like this. AMC had a "pre-surge" stable price of 10$. 1025.83=258$ however GME only has 15 percent of the shares outstanding that AMC has so you have to consider the market Cap. 258$.15%= $38.70 expected squeeze price. All variables being the same at its highest AMC could go to $38.70

BB is going to be very similar to AMC because of a large market cap. BB "pre-surge" stable price is $10 as well, this is being generous because a good argument could be made to use $8-9 but I decided to use 10. So 1025.83=$258 however GME only has 12% of shares outstanding as BB so that has to be factored in 258.12%= $30.96 I believe at the height of any BB squeeze due to market cap the price could soar as high as $30 using GME variables.

Here is where things get interesting ASO has a "pre-surge" stable price of $30 and GME has 77% of shares outstanding compared to ASO, a Much higher variable, with a much higher starting price, and a higher short interest than BB & AMC. Here we go 3025.83= 775$ 775.77= $596 squeeze price potential

So in essence we can triple our money or better on AMC & BB depending on when you bought in. AsO has the potential to be HUUUGGE🚀🚀💯😃

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