A more serious take on why CLNE is an important play in the coming week(s)

First of all I want to link this post that explains the price action that CLNE needs to reach it’s target price in order to trigger ITM call options before the 18th, which is $13. Price will absolutely fly once this happen and potentially before if people get in. We only need to buy and hold for nearly a week for this to happen. Look up any previous DD post on CLNE where they explain the reason it is being shorted (revenue growth is expected in the medium to long term so it looks like easy money for hedge funds). Here is a link with short interest over the past year for anyone lazy.

CLNE also has several partnerships in the works including a large deal to provide RNG (carbon renewable natural gas) to Amazon for their delivery trucks, and in general green energy is growing priority for the USA and the world in general. As someone who is probably most risk averse than most people here, this makes me feel better as I can always hold in case of a sudden dip for longer term gains.

I also did some more research after reading some of the more surface level posts on CLNE and found that they built their stations near existing Amazon warehouses, which gives them an advantage when negotiating future deals as transportation of materials is factored into negotiations (from what I know, I work as a software engineer for a steel manufacturing business).

CLNE has also not even reached it’s all time high of $16 yet, whereas most of the other meme'd stocks have well surpassed their's and are in the pump-and-dump territory that leads to a lot of paper handing. Not blaming anyone, gains are gains.

Volume picked up at the end of today as attention shifted away from some of the shorter plays. I’ve held a small stake since I read this article back in April, however I’ve added more as the meme potential has built up as this subreddit is starting to have a lot of influence I’m wishing I put more than 10k in but gains are gains, and hopefully you learned something from this. Just trying to bring some more serious discussion to the chaos of the last couple weeks haha.

Oh and apes together strong or something, cow farts and godspeed retards. Good luck no matter what stocks you're in!

****Just want to add that this does NOT mean there will be a squeeze for sure, there’s been a lot of misinformation on this and posts addressing this. It does however point to good price action in both the short and long term. Reposting since I’m an idiot and posted at like 2am.

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