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A real way to become a billionaire

Do some night shifts at Wendy's for a week. Now you have $1000.

220 is about a million. SPY options 3 have expiries a week.

Get 10 $2 width call or put debit spreads around the money. Depending on how your Oreos taste. E.g. SPY is $450, get $449/451s.

1 day later spy is up and you've now doubled your money. Do it again with 20 spreads. 40. 80. … Repeat this twenty times.

Do it again to cover your tax bill.

Congrats, you're now a billionaire.

The probability of this working is one in two million. There are two million+ special individuals here. One of us will be a billionaire in half a year if we follow this foolproof plan.

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