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This post will probably be very long, I hope Reddit people and bots don't download it for me. . I will try to take the precautions of the case. .

Clarifying from the outset that there are people who have infinitely more knowledge about #BABA than those who speak to them, but I think that I can still shed enough light on the species and try to order you in time and space, both from the fundamentals. and technical and even geopolitical aspects. . metrics, etc.

Perhaps there are aspects that you cannot understand because my native language is not English, ok? , but we will try to clarify any doubts you may have. .

As some of you know, I currently have a position in the asset, so my comments could eventually be loaded with perhaps too optimistic a bias, but we will try to be as objective and serious as possible and seek to rely only on hard data. , OKAY? go

let's get started. .

Alibaba is listed on the Hong Kong Hang Seng (HSI) index, which along with #BABA has also suffered a strong correction in the last few wheels. .

We attach a chart in monthly view. . From what I see with the naked eye on that chart, an imminent bounce should be coming. . something that should also drive the price of BABA

Hang Seng (HSI)

I will make a brief interval to highlight a nice fact, the color of the Reddit logo matches the Alibaba flagship colors. .

ok let's continue

Some metrics that show the truly exponential growth of this company. . for example, the 2011-2021 evolution in the number of permanent employees. .

The evolution of the workforce of permanently hired employees, which, as the graph shows, doubles every year. in 2020 there were 117,600, today, 2021, 251,462. .an increase of almost 150%, year over year. . impressive and a forceful figure without doubts of the exponential growth that the company is experiencing. .

we can continue with the financial results of the company. .results 2011-2021. . I don't think it is necessary to clarify anything here. . infinite growth and expanding, in eternum, like the Universe itself. .

Reminding you, by the way, that this Tuesday, August 3, the company will announce the results of its first fiscal quarter 2021

Without a doubt, these are the actions, if not the majority, of which the most content has been written on the Internet. .

Alibaba has four main business segments, namely: core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and innovation initiatives. The company also has a 33% equity stake in Ant Financial, as well as a diverse portfolio of investments. The figure below shows a detailed breakdown of Alibaba's brands and business segments.

Source: Author's compilation of Alibaba Investor Day 2020 presentation Jovan Lee Yuheng

Notable changes since Investor Day 2019 include:

Increasing its stake in electric vehicle maker Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) from 3.2% to 19% by the end of 2020

Acquisition of a 72% controlling stake in Sun Art (OTCPK: SURRY), a leading operator of hypermarkets and supermarkets in China in October 2020

In 2021, e-commerce is projected to account for more than 50% of total retail sales in the country and this percentage will increase by around ~ 2% per year thereafter. Retail e-commerce sales growth will slow slowly, but annual growth will remain in the 10% range after 2021.

According to a Morgan Stanley report in January 2021, "Chinese consumer spending will double in ten years." China's private consumption was $ 5.6 trillion in 2019 and is expected to reach $ 12.7 trillion by 2030, the same amount that Americans currently spend. By 2030, per capita disposable income is also expected to increase proportionally, from $ 6,000 a year to $ 12,000, representing a 7% CAGR over the next decade.

According to Mashable, the Internet economy of Southeast Asia reached the $ 100 billion mark at the end of 2019, with e-commerce being the largest contributor to this figure. Out of $ 100 billion, ecommerce platforms generated $ 38 billion!

Looking ahead, the region's online market value is expected to rise to $ 300 billion by 2025, and e-commerce will be one of the biggest benefactors of this growth.

For many investors, Alibaba's foray into the fintech industry through Ant Financial would be a major catalyst for the company's growth. However, I am not going to include this as a primary growth driver as the restructuring of Ant is still incomplete and we do not know the full impact the regulations will have on Ant. Therefore, until we have a clearer picture of the Ant's updated structure, business model and strategy, I will not be able to provide a concise growth forecast for this segment.

However, since Ant's Alipay is China's leading mobile payment platform alongside WeChat Pay, Ant will undoubtedly benefit from increased spending by Chinese consumers over the next decade, as well as the increasing adaptation of payment methods. mobile payment in the most rural areas of the country. .

etc. . etc . .etc. .

frankly, it would take days, weeks, months, to try to cover and dump the entire Alibaba conglomerate on these lines. .

But frankly what interests you is that the good operation of the company has its replica in the price. obvious . .that we are talking about. .

Regulatory framework. .

First of all tell you what most already know. . Amazon, the other major ecommerce, was heavily fined with almost 900 million dollars. . the last company fined had been Google with, "only", 50 million dollars. .

In other words, for Western technology it seems that regulatory frameworks also exist. .

I will try to give insights later. .I doubt that these regulatory reforms will last five years. . The market should already be discounting all kinds of eventualities within that so-called regulatory framework on the Chinese technology sector by the CCP, at current prices, and begin to price the next stage of Alibaba, which in my opinion, will come out very strengthened from All this . . at least that's what Nietzsche's phrase says . . Or I'll give you another example, you saw those films that start out being censored, something that ends up giving them a huge press, and ends up generating a huge collection at their box office. . several of them come to mind. .

Xi Jinping will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. . ?? referring to Alibaba of course. .

China invests billions in I+D. .

China has spent 37.3 percent more in high technology investment sector investment compared to the same period last year, against the backdrop of steady investment rebound in fixed asset investments, according to statistics released from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Friday.

Shenzhen, el centro tecnológico de China, invertirá 108.000 millones de dólares en I + D durante 5 años

El dinero se utilizará para apoyar la innovación en tecnologías centrales, dice el jefe del Partido Comunista de la ciudad, Wang Weizhong

AI, 6G, tecnología cuántica, vehículos sin conductor y redes inteligentes serán el foco de los planes de inversión, dice.

I do not want to divert the regulatory issue that is undoubtedly serious and that will still take us a little longer. . otherwise, the BABA price today would clearly not be this. It is something we will have to be vigilant about and eventually take the necessary precautions. But certainly no one is exempt, ask him if Jeff Bezos doesn't believe me. .

Additional data, but certainly not negligible. .

Of the twenty (20) largest ports in the world, fifteen (15) of them are Asian. .and of those fifteen, nine (9) are Chinese, which of course leads that ranking. .

Here we give ourselves a true dimension of who will dominate the world economy in the next millennium. . with the CCP, or without the CCP. . Plus, the United States is only 18th. That's right, you draw your own conclusions about where this action can go. . Moreover, I add another data, the port of Shenzhen, in China (obviously), the proclaimed Silicon Valley of China, occupies the third place in that ranking. . thanks to exports among others from companies such as Alibaba. .

Top 20 ports in the world

Without a doubt, these are the actions, if not the majority, of which the most content has been written on the Internet. .

Chinese GDP growth continues to be very strong

China was the only economy to show growth in 2020, its GDP in the first quarter increased by 18.3% year-on-year, and the World Bank now forecasts growth of 8.5% this year. Furthermore, China already constitutes the world's largest middle-class consumer market segment and the implementation of a three-child policy will lead to further growth in the long term. Considering such extraordinary growth, Alibaba, as one of the largest Chinese companies with a considerable presence there, will continue to benefit from it in the future.

Evolution of e-commerce and online stores in China, Asia, and the world. .

Frankly, you can spend weeks googling and finding articles that speak of the exponential growth that all online commerce is having in China and throughout the Asian region. .I show you only the first 50 results I show you only those that are English. . probably in Mandarin you will find millions of results. . The growth in Hong Kong is among the most dramatic with a 46% increase in households shopping online in 2020. Frequency of shopping increased significantly than penetration with consumers purchasing online 75% more frequently in 2020. Consumers in Hong Kong spent on average 2.5 times more per trip online than offline, with the value per buyer showing an increase of 52% from 2019 to 2020.

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, Chinese e-commerce corporation Alibaba Group recorded consolidated revenues of around 717.3 billion yuan. This translates to approximately 109 billion U.S. dollars.

Alibaba history

Alibaba was originally founded in 1999 as a B2B e-commerce portal to connect Chinese manufacturers with overseas buyers. In 2003, the service expanded to include Taobao, a C2C e-commerce marketplace and in 2008 Tmall, a B2C online commerce platform focused on brands and online retail. To round off the digital offerings, group shopping and flash sale website Jujuasuan was launched in 2010.

Overall, the largest portion of Alibaba Group revenues are generated through Chinese-based e-commerce as company data states 473.7 billion yuan segment revenue in 2021. That year, retail e-commerce in China accounted for 66 percent of company revenue. International commerce retail totaled 34.5net billion yuan of annual revenues. Alibaba Group’s net income amounted to 143.3 billion yuan.

The group’s monetization model relies heavily on online marketing services including P2P marketing services, display marketing and promoted selling as well as commissions on transactions and storefront fees. Alibaba’s Chinese retail marketplaces had around 811 million annual active buyers.

Alibaba also holds stakes in online video company Youku Tudou and entertainment company Alibaba Pictures.

And to all this, remember that there is ANT financial, that its IPO could resurface at any time. . Although I do not underestimate in the short term, yet, the implications of the regulatory measures of the Xi Jinping administration. .

Alibaba trades in Hong Kong with the ticker 9988, commenting that the newspaper has made a simple double bottom with the minimums of March 2020, which is a data, without a doubt transcendental, that should be marking the end of the correction. .

as we are in Reddit mode, go a background in tune with the occasion. .

y por último la cotización de us ADR . . los limitaremos a remarcar lo ya expuesto en un post anterior . .

#BABA finally, today Friday, he has done what we asked him to do. . to put down that beautiful weekly hammer candle and not miss the EMA200 which is charted in black. . beautiful falling wedge targeting 270.-, beautiful MACD and stochastic. . Look at your remaining candles at the October highs. Note that they have also been doji candles, or hammer candles, before the #BABA collapse, obviously, because they are trend reversal candles. . What do you imagine then what will happen this time?

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