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Am I the only one who thinks the market will not crash for years to come?

I agree that the stock market will crash again at some point. But as long as stocks offer better potential returns than bonds or other liquid assets, a market meltdown isn't all that likely barring a major unforeseen crisis.

Like even after taking into account the "EV bubble", "Covid-19" and the "Evergrande" shenanigans. I see it as impossible for the market to crash anytime soon.

EV bubble: Will probably won't even affect the whole market. It's not even a big deal and some are comparing it to the housing market bubble (which is much bigger and a whole different story).

C19: We will be living with C19 for the rest of humanity. It has become the norm. Yes, the cases are going up but the vaccines are keeping the deaths low. It will become common like the flu in the future.

Evergrande: The CCP will take care of it. Like they do with all their businesses and billionaires.

Will the market stay bullish for another 3 years?

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