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Man, I have to get this shit off my chest.

I was a retarded ape once, then I got out of my confirmation bias spell when I looked into Adam Aron's shady history. Dude is as nasty as they come, yet apes continually speak of him as a silverback (LOL). From dilutions to selling shares directly to 'hedgies' to now dumping over 53million dollars worth of shares on the apes asses. But 100k is the floor right?

Any price decrease in AMC shares and you guys start flinging poop at Gary Gensler and Kenny, screeching and screaming about dark pools and short ladder attacks. Going to your sub was enough to make me lose IQ points… How about you stop blaming a 'corrupt' system and introspect a little bit? Why is the share price going down? Perhaps it's because AMC is a failing business and insiders and institutions continually sell. You know, a little bit of thinking outside your box can explain things…

Look, apes, I'm not here to trash all over your retarded asses. Just here to say it like it is. If you made money, good for you. Continue doing that, but anyone that thinks AMC is a good investment is plain bamboozled. Start looking for better gambles if you're going to throw your money away. I just hope the rug pull doesn't happen and catches you off guard.

Godspeed tards

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