AMC mind meld games via the Powers That Be, they sure hate losing control, and yes, they are Masters.

Watching the MSM, Bots, crybabies saying retail traders shouldn’t be allowed to buy stocks and lose our own money if things do not work out, and that THEY need to protect us! BECAUSE what we are doing has hurt HF’s so much with GME and now AMC. They say laws or intervention is needed. What irks me on this is the host of the money channel sits there and helps to disseminate this crap, it’s like subliminally they acknowledge this, with fog in their eyes and without words are basically saying “YES sir! Let us make sure the little guy can’t play, and only HFs’ with Billions are the only ones that can make Billions and rule the rigged market.

We all know they are powerful, and thus we fight. We are not Communist yet, or at least full blown, but have started becoming now in so many ways, it is sad, so sad. All the low information voters out there have no clue to what is coming at them. They do not realize what a new Socialism Totalitarianism system of Gov means for them. If they got their new Gov, they would soon realize with horror, that the leaders would control their education, field of work, impose food restrictions, health care limitations, unable to set aside their own $$ for retirement, lose privacy to their bank accounts, and become subservient. They will be slaves in the New World Order. IT is pathetically sad to see this.

My Prayer for Trey (his health) and all of us is this.

Oh Lord, grant us Apes to win a small battle, and should we be granted this new found wealth reward oh Lord, help us to be better servants, better givers, and take care of our less fortunate brothers and sisters, and to become better brothers, sisters, spouses and humble ourselves.

Thank you, Lord. Amen

Peace out Apes!

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