AMC Outperforming other stocks in terms of short seller pain

FYI, AMC has had the most painful to short sellers since GME.

Whoever tells you clov : $CLOV shorts are still up $3 million in mark-to-market profits for the month and up $90 million for the year. Even though they are down big over the last week, shorts won't cover in size (short squeeze) until they are deep in the red.

Whoever tells you bb: you’ll notice the short interest has been to low, it would take months to have them cover. Short sellers would need to be in the red for far too long before a squeeze can even be considered.

As of 17 hours ago .

$AMC short int is $4.53BN 88.20M shs shorted 17.65% SI% of Float 15.00% S3 SI% Float 9.05% fee Shs shorted down -1.40M shares, worth $72M, -1.6%, last week. Shorts down -$3.91BN in 2021 mark-to-market losses; up +$303M on today's -6.7% move. Shorts are down -$2.07BN for the week

You’ll notice AMC is the closest you’ll get to short positions closing. They can afford doing it with other stocks because they can drag it out. However with AMC it’s been months already.

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