Today is a big day, and this week is a big week. While $AMC share price has been suppressed in last few days, we just had the announcement today about $AMC share counts. The news release shows an image which all of us have recently been talking about, and it is basically consistent with what we thought. I am sharing a simple summary that may help to draw a clear and simple picture based on public data. – 501,780,240 shares outstanding as of June 2, 2021 – approximately 4.1 million1 individual shareholders eligible to vote at the upcoming Shareholder Meeting – More than 80% of AMC shares are held by a broad base of retail investors with an average holding of around 120 shares. Shares held by retail investors ~ 80% x 501,780,240 ~ 401,424,192 – As of June 9th, 2021 from a top brokerage firm: Institutional Stock Ownership 12.6% Institutional Mutual Fund Ownership 10.4% Mutual Fund Ownership 3.2% Insider Ownership 6.5% Other 67.4%

Total of institution ownership: 12.6% + 10.4% + 3.2% = 26.2% Total of the rest excluding individual retail investors: 26.2% + 6.5% = 32.7% Equivalent number of shares covered by record excluding shares from individual owners: 32.7% x 501,780,240 = -164,082,138 shares Shares needed to cover the records: -63.72M = 501.78M – 401.42M – 164.08M – Synthetic shares: total number of synthetic shares: Z naked shorts: X naked call contracts: Y other naked shares: W Z = X + Y + W Short interest: Assuming 21% SI which is about 100.4M shares Minimum number of synthetic shares from public records: 100.4M – 63.72M ~ 37M (assume all 63.72M shares were still amid transactions, this is very unlikely) Hidden number of synthetic shares: U: a lot discussions in forums estimate that this number is huge. Minimum number of synthetic shares 37M + U – Bottom line: 37M or MUCH MUCH MORE synthetic shares will have to be covered by real shares, most of these shares need to be from individual investors.

Hope this post can be helpful to some of you to understand the current picture of $AMC. The ride is still going forwards while it may not be as easy as some of you thought. GLTL.

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