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Apple is severely undervalued

Apple is severely undervalued

"Apple is not a tech company. It is an EV company." – Warren Buffett

If Warren Buffett says it, then it must be true, so this means that APPL has to be valued alongside other disruptive EV companies such as FSR, NKLA, LCID, and RIVN. The reason TSLA is not included in this list is because everyone knows that TSLA is a boomer value stock EV company as indicated by it trading at a mere 371x P/E ratio.

In order to properly value Apple we need to gather estimates of FY 2021E Revenue for the other Disruptive EV companies:

Source: I pulled every number here out of my ass

Apple is currently trading at a mere 7.28 P/S. Here is a chart visualizing its valuation:

Criminally Undervalued

Trading at a monumental 27 Standard Deviations away from our sample mean (statistically speaking, the valuation is in the bottom 1.229691733830117*10^-162% of all disruptive EV companies), Apple has a lot of room for upside. If apple were to grow to a valuation in just the bottom quartile of our sample, AAPL would be at $23,316 a share, a 14,422% gain.

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