As inflation and money supply rises, is everything really possible ?

As inflation and money supply rises naturally from smoking money printers, and as governments repress rates via monetized yield control, the setting for inflation to outpace yields is clear, which means the path ahead for gold and Silver is equally so.

Thus, if you still think today’s rising gold and Silver prices are too high, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Silver. Monthly Close. Up over 8% for the month of May. On the cusp of breaking out over $30.35 into a impulsive {Wave 3} advance with the target being the 2011 $49.82 highs. Once we break that level it will trigger the 40 year {C&H} setup long.

Considering silvers greatly increasing industrial uses, it should be a lower ratio than its historical norm. Insane value buying silver at this ratio .

Gold/silver ratio, now at 67, will initially reach 50 like and preferably below 30 or below . The long term target is likely to be a lot 15 or below.

Sell gold for Silver while the ratio is 67 and trade back below 50, preferably below 30

The 11 year seasonality of Silver July~Sept is the sweet spot for silver.

I already posted but here I am adding again "The Global #Silver Shortage" acknowledged by the US Mint on their Facebook page.

As posted before my short term silver target is 50-74 Usd /ozz ( ıntraday values ) for 2021 and x15 gains for 2 years time frame .

Could Silver really move to a 1:1 ratio with Gold?

Would mean $1700 silver (x70)

Just little note Mining Silver/Gold ratio is 9:1 All the gold what is mined is still available. But a lot of silver what is mined is lost by industrial use.

why not we know how hard it is to find producing Silver deposits add to that the moving towards green/clean energy! Everyone should buy silver now, its a hedge against the inflation meanwhile also a hedge to freedom!

I am bullish on Silver, but not that bullish….I'll settle for 74USD per ounce….for now

This is not financial advice

I hold 1700 ozz of phsyical

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