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$AUR: Automating Your Portfolio with Self-driving Tech DeSPAC Play🔥

$AUR: Automating Your Portfolio with Self-driving Tech DeSPAC Play🔥

Alrighty degenerates I got a play that will drive itself to profits. I’ve been on the lookout for amazing deSPAC plays that have potential and this one takes the cake, pie, and pretty much all the goods you will ever purchase in the future into your hands. It's a self-driving vehicle technology business that's going to revolutionize the way we travel and move goods. They’ve partnered with all the big names like Uber, Fedex, Volvo, Denso, Toyota and trucking industry giant Paccar. To bring us everything from self driving taxis, cars to fully autonomous trucking industry that will define the future. And it's all being led by individuals that have made amazing advancements to self driving technology and now have joined together to revolutionize the industry.

The DeSpac trend continues with recent deSpacs plays getting hyped and shit on daily. But they all tend to do one thing and it's one thing we can count on. And that’s moving up in price once the information about the company is made aware to the masses. This isn’t a low float play as far as I can tell. But that won’t stop it from running and with the potential of this company that's a sure thing.

Aurora Driver -designed to enable any vehicle from Class 8 trucks to regular cars to become autonomous and move safely and efficiently with human drivers which makes roads and the rides much safer without the possibility of human error.

Aurora Connect– Driverless Ride Hailing Service that will replace drivers for companies like Uber. Aurora Acquired Uber’s self-driving unit, Advanced Technologies Group last year in order to get market share in the robotaxi marketspace.

Aurora Horizon -Bringing autonomous driving to the trucking industry which will make it cheaper and more efficient to transport goods and cheaper as well without the need to pay for a driver which currently is around 50% about transporting costs. Which is going to make it more lucrative for the shipping industry. It's already on the road and making test runs that serving the needs of Fedex and more companies in the future will follow.

Market Share Aurora has due partnerships

Aurora is being led by the best Autonomous Driver Technology Innovators of the decade. Chris Urmson, previously head of the Google Self-Driving Car project, formed Aurora in 2017 with Sterling Anderson, who led Tesla’s Autopilot program, and Drew Bagnell, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist and former member of Uber’s autonomous vehicle team, Uber ATG. These are the best people that the industry has to offer and they're all working together to take us to the future of Driverless Vehicles.

Now with this being a recently formed deSpac most of the float is under a lock-up agreement. And with share redemptions and other stuff that make a deSpac plays so enticing the float you see is not the actual float. If you don't know what that means, well, you're shit out of luck. I'm not going to explain how SPACs have huge floats and are allowed to have options traded on them, but then when they go through with a merger a lot of that float vanishes due to redemptions. Now I don’t know the number of shares actually being traded because I'm not a lawyer and can only understand so much of 8-k filings before it goes over my head. But I’m confident that the actual number of shares being traded is way less than stated.

My positions are 2500 shares, 100 15c Dec 17, 50 12.5c Dec 15c and 25 20c Mar 22. Now if you have big balls and want to go in on Nov 19 options that could work out aswell. I’ll be buying some on open. Just bought 100 12.5c Nov 19 there cheap as fuck right now.

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