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$BABA will MOOOOOooN….wait…no…NOOOO

$BABA will

This post is a tribute to the flurries of:

"Let's go Brandon BABA"

"BABA is SOOO undervalued bruh"

"I am a vAlUe InVeStOr BrUuUh"

"It's just politics bruuuh, the fUnDaMenTals remain unchanged"

"Charlie Munger doubled down on BABA brruuuuh, so smart so kewl I am just like him"

We have seen prior to BABA's earnings call. Unfortunately to these retards, reality came knocking and $BABA is now -5+% in pre market trading.

Knowing how retarded these people are, I am guessing they are loaded balls deep into OTM calls expiring on 19/11, which is also a direct translation of GETTING FUCKED.

If you know of anyone who got their assholes ripped wide open with these plays PLEASE and I repeat PLEASE be considerate and do not rub it in.

As mature individuals, what we should do is to say "its ok bruh" while handing them a role of 3 ply toilet paper. Why? To stop the anal hemorrhage.

The END.

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