$BB – Blackberry to participate in upcoming Investor Conference 9 Jun 2021

Blackberry will be discussing the latest developments in BlackBerry’s technology and strategy, which is something I sure a lot of investors and a lot of us will be interested in listening to.

Link: https://www.blackberry.com/us/en/company/newsroom/press-releases/2021/blackberry-to-participate-in-upcoming-baird-investor-conference

BB holds up on its own. I suspect the volatility we see is from the reasonably cheaper price it commands compared to favorites GME and AMC, where people from all walks of life are trying to sell off at every peak that occurs.

And now my honest opinion – fuck all the moon shit, because frankly all I see happening is people left at the peaks holding bags. You want to do something with BB, just like GME and AMC? Buy and hold, and let the market catch up to the potential that BB will become.

I'm sure a lot of you heard that GME and AMC might be added to RUSSELL 1000 based on performance by June 25 – well BB's earning report will be out at around the same time, June 23. So we shall see by then if BB stands strong, and not just because it is a meme.

This is not financial advice, good luck, and fuck the hedge fund fucks.

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