BB Consolidated DD – Why last week was just a fraction of BB’s power DD

I've seen a lot of people suggesting BB's time has come and gone after their rise and fall last week. I'm here to show you that BB is still massively undervalued. I really like this stock, so below I've consolidated some of my favorite DD, with links at the end if you'd like to read more.

Products & Customers

  • BlackBerry isn't just a phone company any more. They provide best in class cybersecurity.
  • BlackBerry's most notable product is QNX, an RTOS with several applications. Read here for more.
  • In December of last year, Amazon announced a multi-year global agreement with BlackBerry QNX and developed IVY, a cloud-connected smart vehicle data platform. IVY allows automakers to provide a consistent and secure way to read vehicle sensor data and create actionable insights from that date. It's possibilities are endless, and I highly recommend reading more on Amazon's initial announcement.
  • OK, so what the fuck does the point above mean? It means that right now, electric vehicles are a gold rush, and BlackBerry is the one selling picks and shovels. Through Amazon, IVY is going to become an integral part of the EV process.
  • The market is sucking the dick of EV manufacturers, but EV production is low margin and low scale. BlackBerry IVY is data monetization, which is high margin and has unlimited scale. Within a few years, BlackBerry will be making much more than the auto manufacturers they're partnered with.
  • Blackberry QNX is used by 23 of the world's top 25 electric vehicle OEMs.
  • BlackBerry targets more than just EVs though. They also have or are developing products for healthcare, financial services, government markets, energy, gas, oil, and smart grid connected transportation.

Cybersecurity Leader

  • BB offers best-in-class security, safety, and reliability. 18 of the G20 governments are customers, and they are the only software company to attain various security certifications from the US Govt.
  • Ransomware attacks have begun to impact American businesses like never before. Today, the commerce secretary stated ransomware attacks are here to stay, and that businesses should plan accordingly.
  • You know that oil pipeline that was taken out by DarkSide ransomware and caused oil shortages across the southeast U.S? That wouldn't have happened if Colonial Pipeline were using BlackBerry. Something tells me companies won't be making that mistake in the future.
  • According to Frost & Sullivan Research, BlackBerry addresses 96% of cyber threats, and 77% of Fortune 100 financial companies use BlackBerry software.

Here's a list of BB Certifications obtained in 2020.

Some Basics and Fundamentals

  • BlackBerry has an ~$8bn market cap with $1bn+ in yearly revenue and $800m in cash.
  • Since 2016, the number of QNX products has grown from 50 million to 175 million.
  • BB owns ~38,000 patents worth approximately $450 million.
  • BB recently won a lawsuit against Facebook. I am unable to find the details, but most estimates are for between $1bn – $5bn total, paid over the course of a few years. BlackBerry's current market cap is only $8bn…
  • Blackberry has a strong customer base or critical infrastructure already, and their pivot from hardware to software means continuous subscription revenue.
  • If BlackBerry had the same market cap as competitor Crowdstrike – who it outperforms – it would have a stock price of $83. That's just taking into consideration one aspect of it's business model.
  • Vanguard has doubled their position since Dec 31/2020.

TL;DR: πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ BB is going past the moon and into Alpha Centauri. This company is so much more than a meme stock or a short term squeeze – it's a life changing opportunity. When BlackBerry starts getting IVY revenue, $20 will look like a joke and you'll have to explain to your wife's boyfriend why you didn't get in under $14 when you had the chance.


  • 2000 shares @ $11.20
  • 50 1/20/23 $40c
  • 50 1/20/23 $25c
  • 10 1/20/23 $10c
  • 20 6/11/21 $30 covered calls

Sorry for the Robinhood screenshot, I'll be using Fidelity after closing this position.

Important DD's and Threads:

I've had to remove a number of sources due to the Visual Mod, so if you'd like a claim sourced just let me know in the comments.

None of this is financial advice; it was written by an infinite number of monkeys hitting keys at random.

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