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$BB Target Price – $60

I am a longterm $BB bagholder. Been bagholding since even before the first meme craze. I've seen a lot of posts here that say – $BB to $30, $46, whatever. When you ask people why they say, cause it's just something out of their ass. Well My target is $60. It's also out of my ass, but I actually did a spread (stale numbers, but have only gotten better since January).

This statement may be controversial, but of all the meme stocks I believe BB is the the most likely to maintain and grow its value long-term because at anything <$60 a share, it is trading for a DISCOUNT when you compare it to its peers.

Disclosure – Balls deep bagholder and a retard do your own diligence in these uncharted waters.

EDIT – and oh by the way a yuuuuuge part of John Chen (CEO's) comp is tied to stock price hitting at least $30. Why the hell would chenny boy agree to an incentive like that unless he thought it achievable.

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