Bears beware SPCE is gone.

I see a lot of postings from some talking about Virgin Galactic and flight performance, test flights and the technology being old. There were many X aircraft, specifically the Boeing X-20 Dyno. Wich resembles Virgin Galactic's plane most.

The facts are this. In the dawn of the jet era many people sacrifice themselves to test jet aircraft as well as x aircraft. Till this day planes still have many incidences and sometimes crash, still millions of people travel on them. When the United States decided to go to the Moon with the Apollo space program there was test flight after test flight. There were many incidents and accidents yet NASA still went to the moon.

Virgin Galactic is not going to fail there's always going to be bumps in the road with testing new technology.

Although the X aircraft program is "old" technology, the NEW technology that Virgin Galactic implemented with it's hypersonic plane is a "feathering system based on Rutan's designs. The entire tail structure can rotate upward, giving the craft the ability to slow down and float like a feather as it re-enters the upper atmosphere." This is a new braking type system that lets the plane come back down through the atmosphere like a badminton birdie.

These test flights take time and need to be done to insure this new technology is working properly. Virgin Galactic is also getting support from NASA for experiments and training astronauts. I don't see the company failing. In my opinion the company will continue to perform well.

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