Benefits of buying $BB

  1. They are packed with vitamin C
  2. Blackberry can help you to develope thick skin to help you block all the pain from the loss.

  3. They are high in fiber

  4. You can shit better and use it as biofuel for rocket.

  5. Great source of vitamin K

  6. Vitamin K can help to stop the bleed. It plays a big role in coagulation.

  7. High in maganese

  8. Good for recovery and wound healing.

  9. May boost brain health

  10. Can fix potential brain damage from reading commments. Some experts say it may even cure mental retardation.

  11. Helps support oral health

  12. You will never run out of money.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not a medical advice. If anyone has primary hypogonadism, please seek a doctor.

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