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Blithe Stock Market Spirits

Aveva Unilever Procter & Gamble Whitney Tilson's email to investors discussing why he bought SandRidge NYSE:SD Verizon Groove IPO Market Tesco NEXT United Utilities Compass Entain Prudential Ashtead Fevertree Short Squeeze Bubble Basket TED Tapering High Dividend Stocks VIE Structure Marine Shipping Entain LON:ENT LON:BBY AMC Shares CAPE Value best tech stocks LON:WPP LON:FRAS LON:DLG LON:HSBA LON:ITRK LON:DOCS LON:BT.A Smal Cap Stocks LON:GSK LON:MOON NYSE:KO Consumer Goods NYSE:GME LON:WISE OTCMKTS:HTZGQ Top picks, Bill Ackman,

Dear fellow investors, At Smead Capital Management, we practice our discipline of picking and owning stocks which meet our eight criteria in both favorable and unfavorable environments. The current “blithe spirits” were brought to mind in a movie of the same name. The main character, a novel writer, is visited by his dead ex-wife, played […]

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