Borrow rate for CLOV is now 116% !! 🚀🚀🤑🤑

Holy shit, it now costs 116% to short CLOV. For those that don’t know, CLOV is a healthcare company with limited shares available to trade because insiders can’t sell until the stock trades at $30 for a 90 day period. What’s interesting is that short sellers shorted the stock >40% and now they have to fight with retail for the remaining stock to cover their shorts. But here’s the problem, they haven’t covered their shorts yet, the stock is up 100% and as you can see from the borrow fee, some are probably close to a margin call. They are scared shitless because this thing can go parabolic. I’m talking $50-100 a share!

So what are shorts doing today? They predictably tried to crash the stock in the morning by shorting (selling borrowed shares) and that coincided with day traders taking profit. A pretty predictable tactic that is designed to scare retail into selling. Don’t let them fool you. This stock still has plenty of gas left, with an option chain up to $43 now!


Positions: $11 calls , $12 calls , $13 calls and $35 calls

Edit: Fuck off with the 🤡🤡🤡 posts, it won’t save your favourite ticket and/or it won’t help you with your short position.

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