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But why $WISH? Why 120k yolo?

Because there is a market for cheap shit (like my wife)- a big phat $2B+ 🍌 and growing market. There are price sensitive markets around the world that Amazon and other ecommerce players has left behind.

Customer base and market segment: – 20% of wish’s customers spend $119/year on Amazon -90% of wish’s customers shop at Walmart. – Wish catered to bottom 25% of American population who made less than $31k. – 100M Monthly active users. 36M orders daily. – “someone who have hard time affording prime membership. Customers who often has their card declined before payday at regular stores. Saving $1-$2 makes a big difference to our customers”- WISH CEO – – Ultra price sensitive.

Market segment:

Tell me an ecommerce equivalent of Walmart? And frankly speaking, Walmart is closely resembling Amazon slowly with their initiative to go heavier on ecommerce. It’s hardly even cheap to shop at Walmart anymore. Who the hell wanna walk around Walmart to find bargain items with half naked kids throwing a tantrum anyways. (ONLY MY TRASH METH HEAD WIFE). I am just an ape but that’s sounds like a WHOLE LOT OF BANANAS opportunity to me.

Equivalent comparison by gross revenue and size:ETSY

  • $WISH currently trades at 3rd of the market cap of ETSY.
  • has 300M more revenue than Etsy,
  • 300%ish more monthly active users than ETSY.
  • Same goes with EBAY being almost a dinosaur company in ecommerce since dotcom bubble.

With $8B revenue vs $WISH $2B in 2020. With 4th largest e-commerce enterprise, It’s a no brainer. (Disclaimer- ETSY and EBAY are PROFITABLE!) so what! They weren’t before. Snap was bleeding $1B every quarter as a public company until like 2018ish. Most growth companies are not profitable in their early stages. Have you heard about the saying in tech? “Get the customers first, then figure out how you are going to monetize them.”

$WISH breakdown: It is a dollar general or $99 cent store equivalent, but more technologically sophisticated. Just like Walmart, their customers don’t care about quality, don’t care about 1 day shipping, they only care about PRICE.

-Their real assets are their 100million+ monthly active customers – 500M overall customers – 36k small business partners who they treat it as a warehouses and pickup spots for their customers.

  • They literally don’t need giant fulfillment centers to store inventory with an army of employees to get the orders picked, packed and shipped. And what’s more genius is their small business and merchant partners pay them for services. DA FUCK! This ape is retarded and like simple things. The whole model is just super low cost model aka no bullshit model. They took out all the headache that an a smooth brain ape like me cannot handle. They are in the ecommerce field without being in it. Dumb ape like me knows that ecommerce is a shit business to be in. The margins are worse than my wife’s smelly vagina. If you really think about it, they are not in the business of buying, selling, and even fulfillment. The apps algorithm collects so much data it’s mind blowing. More systematic than Amazon in a way because most people go on Amazon with an idea of what they want. $WISH relies mindless browsing until they find a cool deal. They rely on recommending perfect product. And the model keeps learning more about its customers as a result. Think Instagram.

As a 4TH largest e-commerce by revenue it’s a no brainer. They are leveraging customer data to sell items they care most about without being in it. The margins will be fine once their get out of growth stage. On average, their products are delivered in 2 weeks. And if the people are waiting for a product for 2 weeks, it really gives a wealth of data and insight into consumer behavior and purchase behavior ( what’s items they are willing to wait for). Doesn’t make sense to do 1 day delivery for items their customers don’t care if they get it in 2 weeks for a few bucks less. And they have NO plans on completing with amazon or anything close to that. And most establish ecommerce companies’ market positioning and infrastructure wouldn’t allow them to compete in the category because it wouldn’t make economic sense to serve wish’s customer.


2015: $0.3B 2016: $0.7B 2017: $1B 2018: $1.2Bw 2019: $1.9B 2020: $2.5B

Their growth even before pandemic was phenomenal.

MAUs: 2017: 75M 2018: 82M 2019: 90M 2020: 107M

Merchant: 2018: .7M 2019: .9M 2020: .5M

Wish has removed many merchants to bring up the quality of offering.

But what about SQEEZE! I want tendie land.

Well- let’s compare it to AMC. AMC VS WISH

shares outstanding: 513M VS 505M Float: 448M VS 338 Insider hold: .33% LOL VS 4.89% Institution hold:23% VS 92.86% APES: rest
Shares short: 102.3M VS 24M Short ratio: .67 VS 1.96 Short % of float: 22.85% VS 15.75%

Income statement-

Revenue: 449.2M VS 2.87B Rev per share: 2.35 VS 11.26 Rev growth: -84% LOL VS 75.5% EBITDA: -1.36B VS -691M Net income: -2.98B VS -807M EPS: -15.59 VS -3.16

Cash flow-

Total cash: 813M VS 1.77B Cash per share: 1.81 VS 2.87 Debt: 11B LOL VS 48M Book value per share: -5.13 VS 1.50
Operating cash flow: -1.26B VS -225M

With just a little improvement in margins with minor spike in spending per customer this is a BANANA PRINTER. This is hardly a NOT STONK! This is THE STONK ! This is a MEME VALUE STONK. You have to have a smoother brain than mine to think this isn’t worth atleast $18.

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