Buyer Beware: Meme Stocks, Options, and Cheap Hookers

I know 80% of the people here are willing to throw their money in a blender and drink it rather than take solid financial advice. That being said, I really hope some of you take the time to read this and potential save yourselves money and stress.

If you believe in these stocks; GME, AMC, BB, etc… you should be buying the stock itself and not options contracts. The Implied Volatility is at absurd levels, and if you don’t know what that is, then you shouldn’t be buying options contracts without looking it up. Because IV is so high, it makes it much much harder to profit off of buying options contracts because they become way overpriced. Your better option here is to just buy the stock itself, as it is a safer store of value. The people posting massive gains owned those contracts before the massive surge in price, so they’re seeing compounded gains from the movement in Delta and rocketing IV. If you’re throwing your money in now, don’t be the one buying an AMC 6/18 73c for $2500… it’s a waste of money and if the stock price stabilizes as all you’ll lose a decent amount of money, even if the stock price goes up.

Also never pay for a cheap hooker, it’s not worth the money and you might wake up in a bath tub filled with ice and missing a kidney.

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