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Canoo Apple Potential (again)

Long time Canoo fan, didn't want to believe in the Apple connection for obvious reasons but saw that the underlying company was overall good despite its quirks.

Monday (11/15) after hours Tony Aquila (CEO) announces that Canoo will be accelerating US production from its orginal Q1 2023 to "before Q4 2022". I was sent a Bloomberg article written by Mark Gurman mentioning that Apple is also accelerating work on their car.

The apple car's discussions seem to be moving in the direction of something similar to Canoo's models, how the seating should be "along the sides of the vehicle" and have an exterior design like the Canoo Lifestyle vehicle.

Canoo has the Multi Purpose Platform, the flattest skateboard design as of now. This platform is designed in a way to carry any type of "tophat", this the way Canoo is decreasing it's engineering costs and how they are going to be launching 3 different vehicles (possibly a forth, pictures of a sedan/sport vehicle were leaked) in 3 different segments.

Here is the speculation: Tony Aquila has made a huge point of protecting IP, part of the reason why the engineering services deal with Hyundai was terminated. They made sure to poach top notch IP lawyer from Harley Davidson to protect it and sidelined VDL Nedcar (their contract manufacturer in Europe) over a hacking attack they recently had. Why would you be so hell bent on protecting IP unless you are going to be licensing it out to other companies (also for corporate espionage, but I'm not sure how often that happens). If they do license the MPP, Apple would only have to focus on what they do best, the design and the user interface and based on the patents Apple has been focusing more on those types of tasks. For example, Apple is exploring the potential of using a phone as the car's infotainment, Canoo has been on board with this concept since its inception.

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