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Cheer up Apes

I’m not an ape but more of an average ape enjoyer. I’m rooting for you all against the clearly rigged and under regulated financial systems and really appreciate your bravery in the face of little encouragement or support outside of this sub. I wanted to share a thought after I saw some 5 figure loss porn this morning with the title “my kids are fucked”.

I know some apes have likely seriously damaged their present and near future with yolos, but I want to tell you that the return on your investment goes way beyond your principal.

I’m turning 40 soon making me a tenured millennial – one of the oldest. A trend that started in my generation and continued to those who came after me was an unhealthy fear of risk. To call it risk aversion would be an under statement. It’s really a risk allergy or risk-phobia. Fear of having opinions. Fear of not following the wage slave path. And the biggest one – fear of losing money or getting screwed. I’ve seen people my age making $100k or more flip out over $10s of fees or charges or some product that broke or sucked. A lot of these people “invest” in their 401k but have no appetite for investing in a business or a stock despite being young and spending money on houses, pelotons, etc. They fear loss so bad they refuse to seize opportunities.

I was once like them. I invested in a small retail store in my late 20s. I thought I knew enough about retail and business to make this a good idea. Long story short, in the course of the next 3 years I went from having a $10k cushion in my bank account and no debt to $10k in credit card deck, no profit in sight and $50k in inventory that was never going to move unless I sold it for pennies on the dollar.

I had two panic attacks and had to have very challenging conversations with my biz partner and my wife. I got through it. I got out of the business and stopped the bleeding. I had a good job and it kept being lucrative for me. I paid off the debt, had a chance to reflect, and realized something profound. I was no longer afraid of losing money. It seemed more manageable now. Something I could deal with.

In the next ten years I bought a house, had two kids, took in my mother in law after she went broke blowing through her retirement savings, and ive never since worried about my money. I’ve invested in penny stocks, bought a movie script, and am aggressively paying down my mortgage. All because I lost $100k in my business and stopped fearing the loss.

So I hope those of you who experience profound monetary loss make it through and gain a new perspective on money, risk, and what’s important to your life. Know that your friends and peers who “play it safe” are robbing themselves of future opportunities and in all likelihood are setting themselves up for future risky moves as their adult desperation or greed meets their lack of risk experience.

Your experience. Will. Have. Value. Good luck.

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