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China Pulled an 08 and I feel we are fucked

Let’s talk about something serious guys. I know this page is full of some legit senders and we like to throw it all on black.

But what do we thinks going down with China? They defaulted 305 BILLION last month. And I believe 500 million or more of it was on American creditors. With a billion in our real estate here in the americas and another 3 billion around Europe? I think numbers could be a bit off but the default is a solid number that was calculated.

This reeks of 08. And of course people claim that they will be bailed out. Except someone’s going to hold the bag like JP and Lehman did in 08.

So, we know China and the US aren’t the friendliest buddies. Or even Europe for that matter. What’s to stop them from pushing it to us? Who’s following this and what’s your plan or position? It’s easy to pull capital and “wait” but who knows how long that will be till the bottom drops and to what extent.

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