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Citadel is up to no good again!

See full detail with data in reddt/TLRY.

I started to notice weird price action on TLRY and an increase in Dark Pool activity recently, so I did a little digging and here's what I found:

Per their recent 13F filing, Citadel just added about $7,000,000 worth of shorts on top of their total short position on TLRY, an increase of over 20%! It looks like they tried to hide this by waiting to increase their short position until after the short interest reporting date so it wouldn't be reported/counted as part of the total amount shorted in this period since that number is only reported twice a month.

They obviously didn't want us to notice this so here you go. Kinda explains a lot on what is going on and the weird volatility on TLRY throughout the trading days recently and especially the recent increase of the amount of TLRY shares traded in the dark pools.

These guys are famous for manipulation and it is known they are active on Reddit so be warned.

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