$CLF – crushing shorts with steel BEAMS

THIS is what will happen – although CLF is primarily a steel company now

So, you earned money with AMC, BB, CLOV, WISH? What next?

I tell you what, follow one of the dudes who knowsa lot about stocks and made over 500k on CLOV: SIR_JACK_A_LOT – he JUST went for $CLF:

🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

Sir Jacks position at the moment, strong at 117k shares of CLF

🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀


$CLF AKA Cleveland Cliffs is one of the largest producers of steel in america.

Have you tried building a house? Getting gym gear? Did you try to get a huge infrastructure plan going for the US which includes streets, bridges, buildings and what not all built with steel? anything to do with steel GOT FUCKING EXPENSIVE.

Because Steel is in huge demand, because now that covid is falling back, people want to buy stuff, build stuff and all needs steel. Steel prices went to the moon! THEY FUCKING TRIPLED!

🌏 🚀 🌕

In a matter of month prices for steel TRIPLED


Because $CLF is a big fucking steel producer, profitable, undervalued as fuck, forecast EBIDTA of $5.6B at a share price of 20$! RIGHT NOW $CLF should be worth at LEAST 35$, and that's not even counting in that HRC prices are over 1600$



Look at the chart:

Price of steel increases over 50% in the same time, but CLF just trades 2$ higher than it did nearly 6 months ago? HOW is that possible?!

2$ in nearly 6 months while the product increases over 50% in price in the same time?!

How do you explain, that a company that is this big, produces steel for whole america and where the product price was raised by 50% and PEOPLE ARE STILL GRABBING IT LIKE ITS BLACK FRIDAY.

Waiting times on steel orders for big companies are as over 3 MONTHS and more with the buyers paying any price the company wants. That means with the same steel output the company now EARNS 50% MORE per ton of steel than it did in january!

But the share price only rose 2$ since january, just about 10%? Do you see the problem?? CLF should AT LEAST be trading at 50% more than in january, but obviously, because a company has basic costs (running a furnace, personnel et cetera) – but at some point, with EVERY DOLLAR MORE THE PRODUCT COSTS, THE COMPANY WILL EARN DIRECTLY.

🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

Let's say producing a ton of steel costs 500$ in total. If the price of a ton goes to 750, to company makes 250$ profit. If the price goes to 1000$, the company instantly doubles it profit, with the steel price just increasing by 50%. Now if the steel price goes to 1500!, the company could make 1000$ profit. Price doubled from 750$ per tonne, but PROFIT QUADRUPLED!

Obviously there's a bit more to that, but that's the gist.


CEO LOURENCO GONCALVES is a fucking stud. HE knows the analysts are wrong and he KNOWS that people are shorting his company. And he WANTS TO FUCKING FUCK EM.

google CLF earnings call transcript

Read what he tells to journalists and analysts:

"And then you say, well, Lourenco, the clients are complaining that they are not receiving steel. Yes[…]. So they are basically collecting what they pointed for and we are taking good care of some of them, some others we are not taking care because I don't believe that they don't, they really even belong."

THEY JUST FUCKING DONT CARE about people complaining the prices are too high.

"Because we don't need all of this "opportunistic" players in the marketplace. They just destroy, complicate, gossip, talk on the phone, send fake information, do everything that we only done in the marketplace. […]. So that's what we were working for. We are doing our mandate. We are doing our job. We are working on behalf of the shareholders of the company.

I won't bore you with a ton of numbers that shows that CLF is profitable as FUCK, undervalued AS FUCK, have a ton of CASH and shorts fucking with them all the time. Look at the chart and tell me there is no reason with INSANE steel prices the stock trades at JANUARY levels.

🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀


$CLF is an american company that makes BANK, earns tons of money because steel prices went through the roof and are still trading at levels they were in january, but the product costs 50% more than it did in january.

Fair price of $CLF should be at least 35$.

Positions: tons of german call warrants, a load of July 20c calls, Oct 22c calls. About to add more.

EDIT: Shorting on fintel:


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