$CLF is an early stage $WISH and $CLOV: Vol Expansion, Momentum, Gamma Ramps, SI, Market Maker capitulation

$CLF will be the next $WISH, $CLOV, $CLNE. Call volume and underlying price action is forming the similar ramps to how those stocks began. If you got in at this stage for those stocks, you would have 20x+ your money in literally a few hours.

(My APE positions that are already free money)


A combination of high short interest, low float, increasing call volume and volatility expansion (leading to IV expansion) will force Market Makers to delta and gamma hedge and shorts to capitulate themselves into a death spiral.

All signals are GO. It's a fucknado powder keg about to explode.

What will happen next? If you look at the 1min chart, $CLF is primed to break the 21.50$ price resistance all-time-high, and afterwards there will be no reason for anyone holding any $CLF for the past 5 years to sell. This is the same story as $WISH:



The IV expansion of all existing strikes will cause MMs to overhedge, making the options market weigh more on the underlying market, and as strikes become in the money the price action becomes a self-perpetuating feedback loop. In fact, Market Makers tend to LEAVE after meme-ification of a stock, decreasing the float even more, destabilizing price resistance while demand skyrockets.

FOMO on the meme rallies of June? Now's your chance.

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