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CLF IS THE PLAY πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Alright, apes listen up, I know everyone and their mother is over steel and has been for weeks but I am sick of my homies only posting loss porn for the last two weeks so here are my reasons for why CLF will go up and will put your portfolio back in the green.

1: Infrastructure Bill

This part doesn't need much explaining but,

government buy stuff —> price of steel go up ——> money printer go brrrrr.

News about it passing incoming this WED

2. Really Solid Fundamentals

Sales: Estimated 8.9B-10B This year

Profit: Estimated 1B+ This Year

Management: Really really good! Turned the company around with some solid acquisitions to vertically integrate the company.

Debt: Rapidly being paid down estimates for 0 debt by 2023.

3. Earnings Call

This week on Thursday they have their earnings call and it is most likely going to go very well. Will be a good catalyst for the stock especially when coupled with news from the infrastructure bill which is coming Wed.

4. Inflation

If you are worried about it, which many people are, then commodities, specifically steel, are the place to be.

5. Finally, CEO Hates Shorts

Wouldn't be surprised if this plus so much free money creates a great opportunity for stock buyback!

Which will send the stock flying.

So apes get in and make some money for once and unfuck your future kids.

Position: Calls 8/27 21.65

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