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$CLNE Explosion

$CLNE is about to have a significant short term MA cross with the 7 going over the 35, volume has been rising day to day and the price has risen over the MA 35 that acted as resistance and brought it down the previous week. Last time these two MAs crossed the price rose to $14.45.

The current short term trend looks good, but there are two major catalysts this week and one this month. On the monthly horizon the infrastructure bill is going to pass by September 27th, won't be talking about this much because it has been covered a million times. Next, Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo The Largest Advanced Transportation Technology and Clean Fleet Event is next week. Lastly, Hurricane Ida.

We all know that RNG makes up a large majority of $CLNE profits and that right now it is selling at a premium. The biggest reason the price failed to run the week before last was because oil price tanked, but Hurricanes drive oil prices through the rough and drag along RNG and LNG prices. Just look how oil and $CLNEs price rose last week in tandem. Hurricane Ida will also bring up oil ETFs like the XOP which just so happens to be the largest owner of $CLNE stock.

So we have a expo which will flood PR and exposure, a hurricane that raises energy and oil prices and will positively affect $CLNE, an infrastructure bill, and an explosive short term trend about to break out of a tight Bollinger Band and long term MAs. All this makes it very possible for $CLNE closing above $10 on September 17th which will have 50K calls expiring within the money which makes up 4% of the entire public float volume and the average daily volume.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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