For years the health care industry has been ruining middle age and older Americans. For example they charge insane premiums that should be criminal. CLOV is a tech based company that truly gets Americans the cheapest Medicare that they can possibly receive. And for some odd reason these large institutions don’t see this company as solid. CLOV has been beaten to the ground and these institutions who are shorting this company don’t want them to succeed. They are trying to revolutionize the way we look upon healthcare. We have a 40% short interest and this isn’t even including the possible naked shorts that made AMC A TRUE PHENOMENON. They are growing at an insane rate and these large corporate suits do not enjoy them coming for there breadwinning healthcare center while simultaneously crushing poor to middle income Americans. I take it as this-if you purchase CLOV your taking a bet on america and the prosperous outcomes for a better healthcare system/provider. Shorting CLOV is unamerican and the suits that are doing such should be penalized by transferring there wealth into our pockets! Sorry if I sound like a retard but this is something that should be talked about!

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