CLOV DD regarding fud and short squeeze potential

Last post got deleted with 400 upvotes because I forgot to post the links, not very smooth brain of me. All links backing up the information in this post will be at the bottom.

This post largely targets the troll’s claims and the biggest fud when it comes to CLOV. If you are a close minded “ape” (apes trashing other apes stock are not true apes) who thinks no stock can squeeze besides theirs, I suggest you stop reading now.

Little add on from my last post. A lot of trolls want to talk about Citadel owning shares of CLOV, but don’t want to mention the fact that Citadel also has 1.8 percent ownership in AMC. This information comes straight from fintel… Security AMC / AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc Institution Citadel Advisors Llc Manager Ken Griffin Ownership 1.80% Citadel Advisors Llc ownership in AMC / AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc Citadel Advisors Llc has a history of taking positions in derivatives of the underlying security (AMC) in the form of stock options. The firm currently holds 4,110,000 call options valued at $41,963,000 USD. So by your own logic trolls, AMC is a “pump and dump” distraction from GME, which went up only to get people away from GME. Oh wait, but then you find out CITADEL owns 20 thousand shares of GME as well. IS EVERYTHING A PUMP AND DUMP MADE BY CITADEL??? Well no, they own thousands of shares in thousands of stock because they are market makers. Any troll still mentioning Citadel’s ownership in CLOV just wants to create fud so less people move from their stock to other stocks. The truth is, there is no reason we all can’t move up together, we are all in the “meme stock” gang where we are all fighting shorts and hedge funds. Why not be a team? If we destroy them in every stock they manipulate, that will give us a better chance of getting them margin called. When we just squeeze one stock they can just liquidate the other stocks they manipulate. Don’t listen to apes trying to trash other’s stocks.

CLOV short squeeze is happening whether you like it or not

I do not yet own a position in CLOV, but I plan to do so tomorrow after seeing price/movement data today, it is literally just a AMC situation (which I was also in and made a 3x return on) all over again. This looks like the first day of crazy volatility, and i expect this to continue until after the last day when the stock price jumps the most(when retail investors cover) now let’s get into the data, to show why this is actually a even better setup then AMC for a retail short squeeze Disclaimer: no where in this post am I saying hedge funds have covered in AMC yet, so you die hard apes don’t need to spam me with hate comments. Now let’s get into it.

If you go over to fintel you will see volume today was 700 MILLION. Yes you heard that correctly, CLOV, which has a 112 million share float, had on average every share traded 7 TIMES IN ONE F*CKING DAY. For reference, AMC in it’s glory days had like 800 million in volume with a 500 million float. Now there are multiple explanations to why there was so much volume, 1. Is a bunch of day traders and machines came in to make a quick profit, on top of all the apes scooping their shares right up to own the float. Or 2. Hedge funds with synthetic shares, which is most likely. Today alone there was 200 million shares sold short, while fintel was showing 0 shares available all day. How the hell is 200 million shares shorted possible with 0 shares available? Now keep in mind that most of these synthetics would have been bought right back by a machine after no less then a second to make a .1 percent return on them, because if they just sold 200 million shares at a time to the open market the price would be at 2 dollars right now, but it still shows the manipulation and the desperation from them to keep the stock price suppressed.

Either way all the volume on top of the synthetics show how much new apes are coming in and buying up the float, there has been 0 or close to 0 shares available to borrow for a day or two now, meaning retail can’t actually double down on their short positions or open new ones, which also means with continued losses they will be forced to cover since they can’t average up.

Now If we go over to ortex, or ortex’s twitter, we can see that CLOV currently has 51 million shares that are borrowed and waiting to be returned. That is 45 percent of the float. A 45 percent short interest compared to AMC before retail covered was around 30 percent. With just a 4th of the buying power compared to AMC, our short squeeze can take us to 100 easily(our float is a 4th of AMC’s). If we can achieve the same kind of cult following that AMC got, we are looking at a GME TYPE OF RUN! And for the love of all that is holy, guys please wait to buy until 8:30 AM eastern so I can pick up shares before it goes to 50, appreciate it 😘. And for you apes that only buy when you see rocket porn, here ya go 🚀🚀🚀

By the way I say “retail” can’t short the stock when there is zero shares available because hedge funds can do whatever the fuck they want with synthetic shares.

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