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$CLOV Guys Look at ortex data, short interest increased by +5.5% today with total SI 49% & short borrow interest rate is so high around 116.68 from fintel. $CLOV πŸš€πŸš€. Please upvote, share & whatever you can to spread it so it reaches to maximum people & avoid panic selling! Upvote to see it at $100

I’m not sure how to include title,text & images in a single post so I have included proofs for above data in other Reddit post, go see if you like.

Also I want to clarify misinformation that’s circulating here to grab our attention to other stocks, to make us panic sell

  1. $CLOV is just a distraction from AMC & citdel owns maximum shares.?

This is BS, infact Citdel owns clov shares but its less than 0.02%, you can see it in fintel website without subscription. The funny thing is it owns around 700,000 AMC stocks which is way more than clov.

2) $clov has only 4 employees?

Common is there any limit for the nonsense? CLOV has around 500 employees which you can verify in LinkedIn & they are recruiting more. Interesting thing is they have offices in hong kong as well.

Below is link to my other posts with proofs attached. All we can do is upvote & spread the facts to avoid panic selling! If we can hold strong then I bet we definitely see a gamma squeeze. CLOV πŸš€πŸš€

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