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$clov is about to rocket…

The $ clov rocket ship is about to take off, you have time to get your tickets!

I have a 11,000 tickets there are still plenty out there for you to buy too…

Since this post get pulled for being too short is is some additional information.

Clover Health is a new health insurance company that is using AI to try and create better health outcomes. Additionally it is looking to use its information to leverage healthcare law to maximize the payments for services. It is small company that IPO'd in 2021. They have a growth story and somewhere between 30 and 40% short interest. Even if this does not rocket to the moon, it will grow over the next year, with some analysts saying 20$ a share is a real possibility for this stock by year.

I'm not a advisor, do your own DD.

TL;DR – buy clov if a lot of people do, it will rocket, and this is an early entry point.

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